Sunday, June 7, 2009

my club

if you read iyana's post about the club she started a club and that gave me a great idea about a club (thank you iyana)and its great. the total drama action club and my favorite character is izzy.she is cool, sure she's crazy but i dated a girl that is crazy so i hope that izzy wins this one because movies have crazy things that izzy is and total drama action starts this thursday and comment me on the show when it comes on and comment me to join


  1. Oh I know the crazy girl you dated cough amber cough cough. Sure i'll try to join.

  2. And no problem on the idea. ;-)

  3. If there is any blogs you want me to find, I can get them for you, such as, i can find you blogs about people who like bakugan or something.

  4. I got a website.
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: workin on Walrusatwar
    Location: Riverside : California : United States
    About Me
    Uhh.....I'm pretty smart.

    Pokemon Legos Yoshi Brawl and Blogging!
    Favorite Movies
    Edd ed n Eddy series
    Favorite Music
    His World (Sonic 2006)
    Favorite Books
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

    the website is

    Uh your welcome!

  5. how do u get to search the blog

  6. You would go to your profile and you would click on the stuff you like (such as bakugan, click on that word, and it shows you a list of people who like bakugan!) You can do the same with other people's profiles.